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Heldan Heating are a well established Boiler Repair & Servicing Company based in Medway and have built an excellent reputation for providing quality, affordable Boiler Repairs in Medway. We also provide domestic Plumbing, Gas & Central Heating Services in the Medway area including Lordswood, Walderslade, Bluebell Hill, Chatham, Rochester, Gillingham, Rainham, Strood, Snodland, Hoo, St Marys Island & also Maidstone postcodes.

Having your boiler serviced ensures it is operating at optimal performance, burning cleanly and is as efficient as possible, so it is less likely to breakdown and saving you money to run. It is also essential to service your boiler to keep your boilers guarantee valid and help ensure your boiler doesn't breakdown and need repairing.

We are Specialists in repairing most makes of domestic gas boilers, we have been trained by many manufacturers and have years of experience in repairing and servicing boilers in Medway.

We aim to have repairs done that same day so you can carry on your with your usual routine as soon as possible.
We also repair Central Heating problems in Medway, radiators not working, valves leaking etc and can take care of any domestic Plumbing problems in the Medway Area.

We are fully qualified, insured and Gas Safe Registered Boiler Repair engineers in Medway and our charges are very competitive.

                      Honesty -               honest advice and only work that needs to be undertaken will be.
                      Quality -                 our work is carried out to current industry standards and guaranteed.
                      Friendly & Polite -   you should not feel uncomfortable or pressured in your own home.
                      Reliability -             we will turn up on time or we will contact you if we are to be delayed.
                      Neat & Tidy -          your home will be left in the same condition as it was before we arrived.


Direct line : 07515 497 301

Direct line : 07515 497 301


Repairs from £45

Honest, Friendly, Reliable Service


No Call-out Charges

No Fix No Fee Guarantee


Boiler Service from £49

Landlords CP12 Gas Safety from £49


Boiler Repairs Medway



Common Boiler Faults

Before calling us check that you have gas and that gas hasn't been turned off accidentally, you have power to your boiler and you have tried resetting your boiler. Sometimes switching the power off to your heating system (boiler and any external controls) can act as a reset. Check your boiler manual to see if you have everything set correctly at the boiler and that any external controls are asking the boiler to switch on. Try these simple checks as your boiler may not need repairing just some attention.

Checking your pressure gauge.

Check the water pressure gauge/indicator, which is normally on the front of a combination boiler or in an airing cupboard near an expansion vessel. For most boilers, this should be set around the 1 bar when the boiler and heating system have not been on and the system is 'cold' and is sometimes shown by an indicator needle. If your boiler pressure is below 0.5bar this can cause your boiler to lockout. Try increrasing the pressure to 1 or 1.5bar and reset your boiler.

Frozen condensate waste pipes.

In cold weather your boilers condensate pipe can freeze, even if insulated. If this happens then your boiler will automatically lockout and leave you without central heating or hot water. If your condensate pipe is frozen you may hear some bubbling sounds coming from the boiler or the pipe itself. To try and thaw the pipe (normally a white pipe exiting your boiler and running outside to an external drain/soakaway) :
Warm some water in the kettle (do not use boiling water as this could crack the pipe), stand away from the pipe and gently pour the warm water onto the frozen pipe for its complete length and repeat until pipe has thawed. You could also wrap towels/sheets along the length of your boilers condensate pipe before applying the warm water to it. Don't forget to reset your boiler before you try to get it going again.

Wireless controls.

A common 'boiler fault' can be because of low batteries in any wireless device you may have to control your boiler, these are becoming more and more common on central heating and boiler systems. Most wireless room thermostats/programmers take 2 AA bateries, try changing the batteries and if necessary follow any reset procedure.

Click our Heating Services page for more boiler & central heating tips before calling to have your boiler repaired. Or call us for a boiler service to help stop your boiler breaking down or keep your boiler service guarantee.